Article from - Priyanka Palawat


     Effort to achieve your goal in harsh and unfavorable situations. when everyone says it's not possible you don't have enough time, support, Money but your mind tries to find a way and your mind doesn't accept that I haven't enough. Your mind says please find a path and achieve it Most difficult situations.

    1. Your first effort to create and try something new is the most difficult step because in this you have to believe in yourself, you have to fight with this society.

   2.  After a frequently failure and loosing hope your last effort to achieve your goal. When emotions gets more than your goal and family shows tears in their eyes still you give an effort towards your goal and you have to choose your goal prior then family you have to show that you are stone hearted. you are not sad by seeing tear in their eyes this is the most difficult efforts when is given by very few people.

     one of my friend was preparing for a exam she had a daughter of 1 year. many times she had to see tears in her daughters eyes but she was selected in that exam because she had given all efforts for her dream. 

     3.When you haven't any hope to win still without hoping anything. you just give efforts  somehow and think that one day I will win this effort is difficult .

     4.When no one from your surrounding appreciates you still your effort, for example your mother. we never appreciate her but she gives her all efforts for us. Your efforts must be greater than your dreams. It's not all about physical effort, It's about the effort you apply to learn, to grow and to find solutions of all the problems. which you are facing and people around you are facing.

     The effort you put in to become a better person, the effort you put in to helping others. How many other lives do you impact around you from the effort you give to others. For example if you want to be a good friend, a good person effort is required. So give your all. Give all efforts for your goal surely you will win.