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(Priyanka Palawat)

     Focus is most difficult think because it's not easy to focus on a target. Distractions are everywhere a lots of things, bad comments, unfavorable situations, negative friends, poisonous relationship always distracts us from are self believe, our imagination, our dream. But it's very important to set your priorities to have this maturity that it's not necessary to think and react for everything. 

     No one will help you and no one will push your mind toward your goal everyone is there to distract you its you who is responsible for your focus so if you are facing any distraction revise your goal, revise your dream and train you mind to stand in each and every situation to refuse happiness to refuse shortcut and wrong path and to accept bad days bad situation for truth and your dream. 

     If you have to choose between your goal and your happiness it is the most difficult situation. Most difficult situations when you have to maintain your focus :- 

     1. When you have everything that you had wanted in your dreams but you refused to accept just to focus on your goal.

     2. When you have to choose one between your goal and your family, when you have to choose one between your love and your goal. 

    3. When you have to choose your reputation in society and your goal. 

    4 .When someone is bagging for your attention and time and you have to invest your all currency every minute every second for your goal. 

     (Note - To all my dearest readers.This is Priyanka Palawat's Article. She is our new member of THE NEWS NOW. We all welcome her. she wrote 1st time, so i am publishing it without any editing. Please give him also full support & love as us for her bright career.)