I want that eyes

 Article - Priyanka Palawat


(Priyanka Palawat)
   I want eyes that can see pain and sadness behind his fake smile, that can identify that his smile is real or fake. He is smiling just to make us happy or he is really happy, that can identify the real reason of his smile. 

     I want that eyes that can see dark circles under his eyes and the everyday change in his shining eyes, the reason behind dark circles of his eyes or the reason behind his dull eyes and asking the question that why your eyes are not shining today?

     That eyes that can see the tiredness in his eyes, the red color of his eyes and understand the reason that he didn't slept well due to which reason, the hidden tears in his eyes that he didn't shed down, the hidden tears that he is trying to hide, that tears that is near to his eyelids and he is closing it in the boundaries of responsibility. 

     The tears which he sheded alone in bathroom and behind the close door, that tears that is not converted into drops. He  had pain but he didn't allowed himself to convert that pain into tears.

     I want that eyes that can see that tears also. I want that eyes that can observe each and every minute changes in his schedule his mood, his health and his eyes. I want that eyes that can see fear in his mind when he said I don't care about it, When is shows that he is so confident but from inner side of his heart he is loosing his confidence. 

     Eyes that can read his unsaid talks and the pain which he is hiding from me, from everyone, the unsaid talks I just wanted to read from his eyes. I want to see all colors of life in his eyes. I want to see shine in his eyes. I want that eyes in which he can find solution of his each and every problems.