Article from - Priyanka Palawat


     Your influence should be like cold fresh air in summer, hot magi in rainy season. If you meet someone he should forget his all problems, his all limits, his all planning even himself. 

(Writer - Priyanka Palawat)
     That eye contact, that capture all pain and sadness from his eyes. He should forget that where he was going? When someone meets you with broken heart and broken mind your voice can heel him that is your influence.

     When someone is irritated by everything even by himself also even by his own mind if  your presence gives relief to his mind and heart  from his own self from his own mind from his own negative voice and mind that is your influence. 

     For a while when you meet someone if he forgets his name, where he was going, what he was thinking, what he was doing that is your influence, Influence him in a way that he can't stop his self from loosing his own rules his self, his boundaries his limits.