A mother fervently prays for her child to grow inch by inch, longing for the day when her little one will take their first steps, utter their first words and learn to feed themselves. Parents eagerly await the milestones of their child, contemplating when they will laugh, when they will start to read, when they will begin to walk. these thoughts consume their minds thoughts the day, alternating between excitement and worry, urging the child to learn, to grow, to become independent.


     Every penny is saved and invested to educate and nurture the child. Today, they proudly say, "Our lives may be humble, but they are rich with love and care". They understand that their life belongs to the one who gave them birth, who fed them and introduced them to society. 

     Yet, some people, in their arrogance, consider themselves superior, disregarding the kindness and sacrifices of their loved ones.

     They disregard their family's hopes, squander money and expect honesty from others while deceiving them. When betrayed, they see suicide as a solution. These are ones who selfishly ignore the kindness of others but expect loyalty from them.

     A person is a reflection of their parents, an embodiment of their hopes, their shelter, their identity and a vital part of their lives. A mother says "You are made from me, raised by me and today you are saying that life is mine and I will live it as I please".

     Never inflict pain Upon your parents; instead, try to comprehend their sacrifices and struggles for you, for your life, for your future.