Indian Start-ups are Shining

 Article from - Rahul Vaish (Correspondent - UP)

(Rahul Vaish)
     It is true to some extent that startup companies in India take inspiration from American companies and incorporate the American model into Indian startups, but it can be firmly said that Indian startup companies are not imitators of the American model, they are similar to American companies. They definitely take inspiration, but along with this, Indian startup companies also do innovation, adoption and socialization within their startups according to the local culture.

     Definitely, America is the superpower of the world and still stands at the number one position in the economic field in the world, but we should not forget that the skills of Indian management also have a share in all the multinational companies working in America.

     Be it Google or Microsoft, even in an organization like NASA, many scientists of Indian origin are working.The present government in India is also promoting startups and is also providing investment to many small investors through the startup scheme. Today, Hyderabad and Bengaluru have emerged as startup hubs within India. From where many small companies have emerged and made their mark in the world. 

     Through a case study, it can be understood that in India, startup companies like Paytm and Dream11 have definitely implemented the American model, but they have adapted their startup according to the people of India, due to which both these startups have been successful today. Both the above examples can also be understood in this context that Paytm has not only attracted the urban consumers in the matter of digital payments but has also brought a revolution of digital payments in the rural areas of India.   

     Today we can easily see digital payment transactions at any shop in the village, on the other hand, the recently popular Dream11 has also attracted the youth of India. Dream11 application is definitely available in the mobile phones of the youth in India who are interested in sports. The reason for which is that the youth of India are earning money through skills by making sports as a part time business. Even Dream11 application is changing the lives of many youth every day because in some contests the first prize is one or two crores. 

      Therefore, in conclusion, it can be said that Indian startups have little bit copied of the American model, but this copying has not been limited to just copying, they have modified their startup model with innovation to the nation people, nation culture and local environment of India. This is the reason why startup models in India are becoming successful today and are contributing to the Indian economy rapidly.