Struggle of a youngster 

     A person in this age is like Deep Ocean. There is no one who can measure his depth. Youngster is hope of every nation, every family, every society, every religion, therefore the responsibility of a youngster is maximum in this world. 

(Priyanka Palawat)

     The list of responsibility in this age is more than capacity of a person, more than the resources he have more than, more than his efficiency.  Everyone expects from a youngster .It's a time period for hormonal changes in body.

     It's a time for development of body, It's a time to make friends, It's a time to make relationship to find a partner for life ahead. It's a time to enjoy own self, loving own self to enjoy this word and to make carrier and the most difficult task is balance everything,To satisfied everyone.

     So as a youngster I request everyone to understand and support youngsters. Your support can make a life and your bad behavior can destroy a life. Please don't only expect respect from youngster also try to respect them and their choices, Their decisions.

     There is no one whom, we can share our situation in this face of life, Everyone one is dedicated to his children in childhood  but no one thinks about young age, No one cares, Everyone expects but no one is there to support a person during his young age. For a youngster this is time to Support other ,To fulfill expectations of parents and everyone, to fight for their choice, Interest.

     This is time to mark their influence in the society, To gain knowledge about this world and about your surroundings, To decide some dreams and to work for that dreams, to make your parents happy and to satisfied them and their dreams, To follow your religion, To work for your religion and for worship of God because this is also most beautiful and important time to make a strong relationship with God and to develop faith and trust for God.